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03/28/18 I would like to know what happened to Doug's Automotive they were very good at what they did plea... Planning $1.99 Octavia Pittman
03/16/18 ***Please disregard previous PRR sent on 3/12/18 this is the correct one with all addresses and p... Public Works; Planning; Fire Department $83.48 Octavia Pittman
03/12/18 RE:  Northwinds Apartments         9556 Glen Owen Drive  Please consider this public records re... Planning $0.00 Octavia Pittman
03/12/18 I would like  a list of the vacant, abandoned, or nuisance property in the city of Ferguson.   Planning $0.00 Octavia Pittman
03/09/18 City Clerk, Per sunshine request I am requesting a PDF copy of your sanitation contract with rep... $0.00 Octavia Pittman
03/08/18   Per the Missouri sunshine act I am requesting a PDF copy of your sanitation contract with repu... Public Works $0.00 Octavia Pittman
03/03/18 I am looking for when the last occupancy inspection was done at 6129 Payne Ave, was done Planning $1.99 Octavia Pittman
03/02/18 Trileaf is conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on a Property in Ferguson, MO. For ... Planning; Fire Department $3.98 Octavia Pittman
02/28/18 For the property located at 1016 Robert Avenue, locator# 11H520757, please provide: 1 - Copies o... Finance Department; Planning $3.98 Octavia Pittman
02/27/18 police reports involving heather kellman at 114 anistasia  from 12/22/2015 - 4/1/2016 Police Department $0.00 Octavia Pittman
02/22/18 Please forward any information regarding a Stealing incident on 02-14-18 involving Amanda M. Pric... Police Department $0.00 Octavia Pittman
02/20/18 I'm Requesting a deed of ownership of a property located on 201 Wooster Dr. 63135 I saw this pro... $0.00 Octavia Pittman
02/19/18 I would like any and all information on the property address: 5116 Rockingham Dr. St. Louis, MO ... Planning $15.90 Octavia Pittman
02/16/18 1. How many traffic tickets were issued in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017? 2. How many citation... Police Department $0.00 Octavia Pittman
02/15/18 I am currently researching self-storage in the Ferguson City area. If applicable will you please ... Planning $0.00 Octavia Pittman
02/02/18 hi im contacting you about my brother perry franklin birthday 1985 who received a letter from jef... $0.00 Octavia Pittman
01/24/18 Any City Ordinance that may have been passed dealing with Proposition P and the distribution of t... Finance Department $0.00 Octavia Pittman
01/22/18 I am making a request to find out who is responsible for the property at 412 Warfield Ave in Ferg... $0.00 Octavia Pittman
01/19/18 Hello!  I am looking to obtain letters that state the interior and exterior inspections passed a... Planning $75.53 Octavia Pittman
01/16/18 Pursuant to the Missouri Sunshine Law, I request an electronic copy of City of Ferguson employee ... Human Resources $0.00 JoAnna Spencer
01/16/18 Under the Missouri Sunshine Law, I am requesting the following documents: All billing invoices... Finance Department $0.00 Octavia Pittman
01/12/18 To Whom It May Concern This letter is a request under the Missouri Sunshine Law. Pursuant to the... $0.00 Octavia Pittman
01/12/18  To Whom It May Concern This letter is a request under the Missouri Sunshine Law. Pursuant to th... $0.00 Octavia Pittman
01/10/18 Hard copy request for the current salaries of each individual officer of the Ferguson Police Depa... Human Resources $3.98 JoAnna Spencer
01/04/18 Please provide a copy of any body camera video from the investigation of an automobile accident o... Police Department $0.00 Octavia Pittman
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