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This letter is a request for a zoning verification letter for the Diesel Portfolio - 14 St. Louis MO located at 5148 North Hanley Road, St. Louis MO.  The parcel number is 13J541245.

Please identify the current zoning of the property and any variances granted at the time of construction.  If developed under a planned development, please forward a copy of the agreement. If property was developed under a site plan that was different than the local Zoning Code, then please supply a copy of the approved site plan along with a copy of the meeting notes in which it was approved.  Also, if you would, please include answers to the following questions in your response:

1) Are there any existing or pending zoning code requirements/ regulations that would apply to the subject property that would cause the property to be considered a non-conforming use? If yes, please briefly explain.

2) In the event of a catastrophic loss, could the subject site be rebuilt to its current density?

3) Are there any municipally required procedures or mandated improvements that are triggered by a change of ownership/title such as a new use permit or a re-issuance of zoning approval by the Zoning Department or Zoning Board of Appeals?  If so, what are they?

4) Is there any information regarding pending overlay districts or changes to underlying ordinances that would impact the property, or planned condemnation of properties, or widening of roads that would affect the property?

Please send the completed letter to, via U.S. Mail to 3023 S. University Drive, Suite 220, Fort Worth, TX 76109, or via fax.  Our facsimile number is 817-500-9084.  If you have questions, my telephone number is 251-424-2069.


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We believe this request has been satisfied.  If this is incorrect, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 314-521-7721 or via email.

February 8, 2019, 7:51am
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18-LJDC-01 - SKF Expansion Site Plan.pdf
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